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Evangelical Church Planting
News and Events

News About Some of Our New Churches

Harvest Church
Billings, Montana

Harvest Church of Billings, pastored by Vern Streeter and parented by Faith Evangelical Church of Billings, had its public launch in October, 2000. They are off to an awesome start! By spring of 2003 they have over 1,000 people attending weekly and have broken ground on 29 acres for a building!

Visit their web site at:

Harvest Church Billings

Harvest Springs Community Church
Great Falls, MT
Harvest Springs is a "restart" of our Skyline Church.  Restarted by Pastor Cory Engel in December 2002, they now average over 200 people weekly and are making a great impact in their region!  You can visit their web site at:

New Hope Church
Sartell, Minnesota

New Hope Church, pioneered by John and Jill Schaeffel and their family, is in a rapidly growing suburb of St. Cloud. After their public launch in September of 2001, they are reaching dozens of previously unchurched people and introducing many to a relationship with Jesus Christ!

Visit their web site at:

New Hope Church

Church Assessments
Helping existing churches become healthier is also a key part of our church extension ministry.  We use materials based on "Natural Church Development."   We've done assessments on eight churches so far...and many more are becoming part of the process!

Breath of Life Church
Wenatchee, Washington

Breath of Life Church, pioneered by Tom and Igneta Heins and their family in a beautiful area renown for growing apples. They had their public launch in September of 2001.  As of summer of 2003, over 200 people attend weekly.  They are making a difference in the Wenatchee Valley!

New Beginnings Evangelical Church
South Greensburg, PA
Our Eastern Conference is launching New Beginnings church with Pastor Dave Hixson and his family moving to their target area in June of 2003.  This is a great cooperative effort of the churches of the Conference, especially from our Everson and Mount Olive churches.