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Evangelical Church Planting
Church Planter Characteristics

Qualities We Look For In A Spiritual Pioneer

"The best indicator of future performance is past behavior."

1. Character

Strong, consistent walk with God. Deep prayer life.
Sticks to commitments even under tough circumstances. Perseveres.
* Bounces back after setbacks.
Strong sense of call
Spiritual gifts package that includes leadership, faith, discernment, evangelism

2.Casts Vision

Communicates vision in an inspiring and practical manner.
Can see into the future with faith
Creates and initiates projects from the ground up

3. Capacity for Excellence

Self-starter and self-managedstrong need to achieve
Strong work ethic
Strives for excellence

4. Creates Ownership of Ministry

Recruits, coaches and delegates effectively
Reproduction mindset--develops an ever widening circle of reproducing leaders and groups
Releases others into ministry--assesses gifts, equips wisely.
Receptive to others ideas--flexible, yet builds group cohesion and agenda harmony around the vision

5. Cooperation of Spouse and Family

Heart agreement about roles and expectations in ministry
Healthy family life
Helped by a strong support system of family and friends

6. Constructive, Compassionate People Skills

Appreciates and accepts a wide variety of people, able to respond with compassion when needs arise.
Approachable and active in developing relationships
Able to handle conflict constructively and deal with difficult people

7. Consistent Fruitfulness

Consistently develops relationships with unchurched people
Continual evidence of people coming to Christ
Church planting and church growth mindset--sees evangelism as essential to reaching people for Christ.

8. Community Responsive, Culturally Relevant
Ministry Mindset

Studies local community--understands the needs and opportunities
Starts ministries that meet needs in the community
Seen in the community as a positive influence
Strategic intercession practiced intentionally