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International Travel and Ministry

In the past few years, God has allowed Tim to travel and minister in several countries, including:

* ISRAEL in 1997 to "walk where Jesus walked."

* RUSSIA and BELARUS in 1999 to visit a church in St. Petersburg that ChristLife had given money to help with their building. He also trained emerging leaders in "Church Multiplication" in Minsk, Belarus as part of Campus Crusade's International Leadership Academy.

* "AMSTERDAM 2000"--the world-wide gathering of evangelists from 211 nations sponsored by Billy Graham's organization.

* JAPAN in 2001. Shirley got to accompany Tim for the first time on an international trip. They ministered to leaders and trained church planters for 17 days.
* BELARUS in 2002.  Tim returned to train emerging leaders in Minsk.

These experiences have stretched him personally and allowed him to serve and train leaders who will reach more people for Christ through new ministries and churches.

You can read more about some of Tim's ministry trips by clicking on the articles listed below:

Israel, 1997

ISRAEL--the trip I'd always dreamed of.

In December 1997 Tim was able to visit the Holy Land for 8 days as part of a "Pastors' Familiarization Tour." To walk where Jesus walked was something I'd always dreamed of. Israel is called "The Fifth Gospel" because once you've seen the Land the other four Gospels make so much more sense. I found that to be more than true!

There were many highlights during the trip, but perhaps the greatest was "Gordan's Calvary." A skull shaped hill, a walk through a garden to a tomb only used once...but empty! That summed up the reality and certainty of our faith.

This trip seemed to be the "open door" for me in many ways. Exactly one week after coming home, a call from Barbour Books began my journey as a published author as they signed me to publish "Christmas Hearts." My dream of being able to "paint with words" so people can see Jesus came after I'd had the priviledge of seeing the Holy Land myself.

He is risen!

St. Petersburg, Russia & Minsk, Belarus

In the spring of 1999, Tim made a 22 day trip to the former Soviet Union. This area of the world was a place he'd been praying to visit and minister for about 7 years!

For a complete journal of Tim's trip, click on the story below:

Russia/Belarus 1999

Amsterdam 2000

Tim had the honor of being invited to attend "Amsterdam 2000," a gathering of evangelists from 211 nations around the world. For 10 days he saw the city of Amsterdam and experienced the wonder of being with passionate believers seeking to bring Jesus to their own countries and "to the ends of the earth!" For a short article on Tim's impressions of the visit, click on the story below:

Amsterdam 2000

Japan, 2001

At the request of our sister denomination in Japan, the Uniting Church of Christ, and cooperation with our own Evangelical Church Missions department, Tim and Shirley spent 17 days speaking in their churches, training their leaders, and falling in love with the Japanese people. This is a trip Shirley had dreamed of all her life--her father had been stationed there for a year after WWII, so it was extra special for us! For a ministry journal of our trip to Japan, click on the story below:

Japan 2001

Belarus, 2002

Tim returned to Minsk, Belarus to teach Church Multiplication at Campus Crusade's International Leadership Academy there.  Read about his experiences and reflections in his journal.

Minsk 2002 Journal