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Ministry Updates 4/01-6/01

Roehl Report Ministry Updates
April-June, 2001

April, 2001


MISSIONS CONFERENCES-- Tim spoke at two missions conferences in April. The first trip took him and Elise to speak in three Evangelical churchesHinton & Moville, Iowa and South Sioux City, Nebraska. Tim taught a Saturday morning Your Personality and How You Influence Others seminar for about 20 people from all three churches. Elise was a big help being Dads assistant. On Saturday night Tim and Elise joined the youth group from Moville for a concert featuring two of Elises favorite Christian bands. It was a blast! On Sunday Tim preached and presented his ministry at the Hinton and South Sioux churches. We appreciated the hospitality of Ken Brakefield and Clyde and Linda Pritchett during our trip.

Tims second trip took him to our Evangelical church in Duluth. He taught the Your Personality seminar for about 20 leaders on Saturdaywhat a fun group! A Saturday night fellowship allowed Tim to share more about what God is doing in our Sartell/St. Cloud church plant. On Sunday, he preached and shared our ministry. Tim appreciated the hospitality of the Vernon Aarnes family, long time friends. Were thankful for the opportunity to serve these churches and their support for our ministry!

Tim also spent two days in Sartell with John and Jill Schaeffel as they plant our newest church there. He coaches 9 others planters, mostly by phone.


Tim enjoyed preaching at ChristLife April 6th and taking part with area pastor friends in a community Good Friday communion service.

We are rejoicing to see ChristLife move forward in the purchase of a building! This is an answer to prayers weve been praying for a long time.

Tim had the interesting opportunity to be on call for jury duty for two weeks.


Much of April was spent preparing for our ministry trip to Japan (ministry schedule later in this report). Tim prepared a dozen messages for the seminars and churches he will speak inall needed to be done word-for-word ahead of time for translation purposes. It was a challenge to think and pray ahead for all those messages!


During their trip to Iowa, Gods protection literally saved Tim and Elises lives. Near his home town of Sleepy Eye, the steering on our car completely went out. Instead of drifting left head on into oncoming traffic, we drifted right between telephone poles and other obstacles to a safe landing in a field. As we looked at the circumstances, it was obvious that God guided our car to safety. We are very grateful for His protection and the prayers of people like you!


Note: There is a 14 hour time difference between home and Japan, so when you pray for us in the morning, it is already 14 hours ahead in Japan.

May 6th7th Tim preaches and we are commissioned for our ministry trip by our ChristLife church family, leave for Tokyo for a 12 hour flight.

7th-8th Arrive in Tokyo, travel to host home, rest. Welcome dinner in evening

9th Seminar for Nakahara church. Two sessions, Discerning Gods Will and Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts

10th Preach at Nakahara church

11th Visit Tokyo, reunion with girls who were part of our Home Stay ministry last summer

12th-13th Ministry at Yashiro church

14th-16th Church Planting Seminar for Japanese leaders, six two hour sessions

17th Preach twice at Itabashi church

18th Seminar for Itabashi church, same sessions as at Nakahara

19th Ministry at Machida church

20th-21st Ministry at Higashi Urawa church

22nd Return home from Japan

Please pray for:
Safety for all our travels.
Wisdom, grace and sensitivity for all our ministry opportunities
Wisdom and grace to adjust to a different culture
A servants heart as we minister to our brothers and sisters there
Unity and teamwork for Tim and his translators and for Tim and
Shirley as a ministry team as they serve together
Homesickness as were apart from our girls for over two weeks.
Well especially miss Aubreys prom night on the 19th.
Patience and grace for Tims parents as they care for their grand daughters!
Gods divine appointments during the trip
Anything the Lord nudges you to pray for us about on this trip!

As always, thanks for your prayers and support!

May, 2001


Tim and Shirley were in Japan from May 6th-22nd. In addition, there was much preparation before and recovery after. Its hard to sum up our experience in Japana rich, learning, growing, and stretching time of serving the Lord and our brothers and sisters in Japan.

17 days
15 leaders at a strategic retreat
14 times of speaking
12 (at least) kinds of food weve never eaten before
6 strategic sessions with the leaders of this small
but vibrant denomination
5 churches visited and ministered in
3 days in a beautiful retreat center near Mt. Fuji
2 seminars for lay people and leaders alike
2 sister denominations united in ministry
2 ministries (CRM & JEMA) introduced to our Japanese
teammates here
1 sister church for ChristLife (Higashiuwara)

1 common passion for Jesus and His Kingdom!

* Over 60 words/phrases I learned in the beautiful language of Japan
* About 40 train rides in the world famous Tokyo train system..
*Dozens of new friendsbrothers and sisters in the Lord
* Many gifts given and received
* Great gratitude for all who supported us and made it possible
*Holding the hearts of our pastor brothers and sisters, hearing their joys and struggles in ministry
* The pleasure of ministering with Shirley for the first time on an international trip
* The joy of worship with our brothers and sisters in our love for Jesustwo languages but one love for Him!

* Unforgettable memories!

Shirley and I could tell people were praying for us all throughout our ministry therewe thank you for your prayers and support that helped make it possible! We did it together with youas a teamthank you! You can read Tims journal of their trip at Click on the International Ministry page.


Part of Tims ministry is to review and refer applications from potential church planters through a web site called Church Planters Paradise. Tim reviews 25-40 applications a week and then refers them to groups who subscribe to the site looking for church planters. Its a rich, rewarding experience to read the stories of people from all over the world who want to extend God's Kingdom and reach more people for Christ!


Tim got to preach at ChristLife on May 6th. Our church family commissioned our family for our ministry in Japan. We find it takes grace to travel and grace to be at home when a loved one is gone. We thank God for His grace as we traveled and Tims folks stayed with Aubrey and Elise at home.

ChristLife continues its journey toward a building of our own! He continues to give us unity, generosity and miracles along the way. We appreciate your prayers as we wait for more decisions from the city and other issues.



3rd Preach at ChristLife
8th-10th Ministry with Eastern Conference leaders and churches
10th Meet with GraceNow! Teama church plant Tim is coaching in Harrisburg, PA
11th-14th Coaching at CMTC Boot Camp in Lancaster, PA.

Elise will be joining Tim for this ministry trip!

15th-18th Family reunion with Shirleys side in Iowa

23rd Prayer walking/flyer distribution with our New Hope Church team in Sartell, MN


1st Community service with other area churches in Blaine
** Ministry with our New Hope Church in Sartell, MN
16th-23rd Bethel Campassist with youth ministry
24th-27th Pacific Conference Annual Conference in Portland, OR
29th-August 5th CRM North American Staff Conference near Portland

(Our entire family will be able to take this trip to Oregon)

As always, we appreciate all those on our Team who support us in prayer and through financial supportyour giving makes our ministry possible. THANK YOU!

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