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Recommendations from Ministry Leaders 

"With the heart of a shepherd, the mind of a scholar and the voice of a prophet Tim Roehl shares life-giving insights with today's leaders and their organizations.  Gleaning from the crucible of experience this veteran church planter and pastor offers solutions-oriented coaching, consulting and creative problem solving through his soul stirring writing, passionate speaking and effective training." 


-- Dr. Tom Clegg, VP of Church Multiplication Team, CRM, Author


"Tims incredible heart for God is matched by his careful discernment when coaching and assessing church planters. His gifts in written communication help leaders clarify and express vision.  His experience as a church planter and increasing exposure to a variety of church planting movements make him a valuable resource to anyone who desires to multiply churches."


--Steve Ogne, CRMs Church Multiplication Team, Author and Trainer


Of the coaches Ive trained, Tim Roehl brings the highest doses of commitment, compassion and piety to his calling to serve those entrusted to his care.   His assessments of potential planters have my confidence in his ability to develop high-quality ministry to the people God has called us to serve.  


--Jim Griffith, President, Griffith Coaching Network


"Tim Roehl is a seasoned veteran in the ministry of church planting.  His experience, insight, and heart for people make him an invaluable resource as an assessor, trainer, and coach.  Tim combines sharp analysis with effective application as he challenges and encourages church planters and leaders to be and do all that God expects."

--Dr. Ken Priddy, Lead Presenter, CMTC Boot Camps, ReStart and ReDevelopment Tracks;  President - United Front Ministries


Seven years ago Tim Roehl providentially came across my path.  Tim has a passion for investing in young men and women.  As the executive director of the Church Multiplication Training Center this is music to my ears.  Since that first meeting, Tim continues to be heavily involved with the training center.  Church planters respond to Tim with enthusiasm.  He understands training and he understands the trainee. 


Coaching as well as training are primary skills Tim applies to his ministry.  What I appreciate most about Tim is his ability to not only listen but also to hear.  Without reservation I recommend Tim Roehl as an advisor, trainer and coach for the multiplication of churches.  

--Bill Malick
Executive Director / CMTC  (
Church Multiplication Training Center)


To Whom It May Concern:


I write to heartily recommend to you my friend, colleague, and coach, Rev. Tim Roehl. I have had opportunity to observe and admire Tim from the perspective of both a church planter and a conference superintendent and have nothing but respect and appreciation for him. Allow me to explain.


Tim Roehl has served as coach for my team at GraceNow! Ministries, a church planting project I am leading in the greater Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, area. He has been particularly helpful in several areas. First, he was willing to not only work with me, but also with the professional ministry team that I recruited to assist in this project. His insights into their motivations, behaviors, and strengths was invaluable during the critical team formation period. He has also taken advantage of opportunities to get to know my birthing team.


Second, Tim has extensive knowledge of available resources and creative ideas, and has often been able to suggest alternatives that I had not considered, especially at those times when I was facing difficult decisions. He knows more than anyone I know on the subject of church planting, and shares that knowledge in a non-intrusive, gentle manner.


Third, Tim has a pastors heart. He is an excellent listener and possesses a gentle spirit that belies a tremendous vision and enormous courage. His prayers for me have been deeply moving experiences, and his sensitivity to my joys and heartaches has been inspirational. He understands grace.


My experience in a coaching relationship with Tim Roehl has led me to the creation of a new coaching policy for all the planters I supervise as Superintendent of Church Planting. I am now convinced that a solid coaching relationship is more important than finances, more critical than marketing, and more crucial than location in the establishment of a new church. I wouldnt do another plant without itand I wouldnt want to do it without Tim!


I would be delighted to brag about my friend a bit more, should you have further questions. In the meantime, I hope you take advantage of the blessing God gave me in Tim Roehl.


-- Dr. Anthony L. Blair, Superintendent Professor, and Pastor

Midatlantic Conference, United Brethren Church


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