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The Roehl Report
2001 Ministry

Here are some of Tim's upcoming Ministry Events and Projects:


* 15-17 Church Multiplication Forum, Colorado Springs
* 25 Independence, Iowa "restart" coaching


* 4-8 CMTC Boot Camp, Dallas
* 9-10 Advanced Coaching Clinic, Dallas
* 12-14 Coaching Training, Dallas
* 25-27 Pastors/Wives Retreat, North Central Conference


* 2-6 Mentoring Church Extension Board and Leaders, Western Conference of The Evangelical Church, Billings
* 7-12 Speaker, Missions Conference, Marlton, NJ
* 24 Men's Retreat, North Central Conference
* 25-30 Special Meetings with Goshen Missionary Church, Goshen, Indiana


** Writing preparation for Japan ministry

* 1 "First Sunday" at ChristLife
* 7 Leadership Traing for Moville, Hinton IA,
South Sioux, NE churches
* 8 Missions Ministry at South Sioux & Hinton churches
* 13 Community Good Friday Service
* 27-28 Missions Conference at Duluth, MN


* 6 "First Sunday" at ChristLife
* 6-22 Church Planting Training with Uniting Churches of Japan in Tokyo


8-10 Ministry with Eastern Conference leaders
11-14 CTMC Boot Camp, Lancaster, PA
19 Assessment for North Central Conference
23 Ministry with New Hope Church, Sartell, MN


* 1 Community Service with area churches in Blaine
* 16-22 Bethel Camp
* 24-26 Guest, Annual Conference of Pacific Conference,
* 29 Guest Missionary, Tremont Evangelical Church, Portland
* 29-Aug 2 CRM North American Conference
* 3 CRM Team meeting


** Writing
* 1-4 CRM meetings
* 10-12 Roehl Family Reunion, speak at Sunday service
* 27-30 Coaching Clinic--training coaches with Inquest,
Indianapolis, IN


* 10-12 Reproducing Boot Camp, Harrisburg, PA
* 20-24 Revival services w/ Doug West's church, IA
* 30 Grand Opening of New Hope Church, Sartell, MN


* 7-11 Coaching Clinic, training coaches with Inquest
St. Louis, MO
* 14-19 New Staff Orientation with CRM, Los Angeles
* 24-27 Denominational Board meetings, Evangelical Church


* 12-15 Fall Board meetings, North Central Conference


* 9-13 CMTC Boot Camp, San Diego
* 14-15 Advanced Coaching Clinic, San Diego

Ministry on Tim's "W*A*T*C*H" this year:


Tim is working on three book projects:

* "The Day That Changed Forever"
Jesus Through the Eyes of Those Around the Cross

* "Jesus Meets The Monsters"
How Jesus Overcomes the Obstacles of Our Lives

* "Caught By The Wind"
Biblical Multiplication from Acts with Bill Malick

Tim is beginning a regular email "E-Team E-zine" for leaders to update them on events and resources as well as provide encouragement and a point of interaction.

Tim will continue to work with his CRM Church Multiplication Team as we develop new ministry tools for leaders, churches and denominations here in the USA and other nations.


Tim will continue to assess ministry couples to help them find their best fit in ministry.


Tim will train leaders across the Evangelical Church in a variety of ways as Denominational Church Planting Consultant and Director of Church Extension for the North Central Conference.

Tim will assist his CRM team in training leaders in churches and denominations.

Tim will train leaders in Japan this spring.


Tim is currently coaching church planters in Washington, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Montana, Iowa and Georgia.

Tim will be a "Lead Coach" at CMTC Church Planting Boot Camps in Dallas, Lancaster, PA and San Diego this year.

Tim continues to train church planting coaches as part of Inquest Ministries "Advanced Coaching" team.


Tim will seek to serve and encourage the hearts of leaders wherever and whenever God provides opportunities.

Tim will continue ministry at ChristLife as our church seeks to reach the hearts of people in our community.

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