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Evangelical Church Planting
Our Process for Potential Planters

If You're Interested in Planting or Pastoring With Us,
Here's The Initial Process

"Our goal is to place leaders where they will best
"fit and flourish" in ministry...
the right planter or pastor (according to ministry orientation)
   in the right place (geographic and cultural compatability)
     doing the right plant (according to gifts and skills)
       to the right people (affinity group)
           at the right point in time (sensitive to family needs)
              with the right partners in ministry."

Prescreening Givens 

1. Call-- a sense God may be leading you to plant a church
2. Character--a holy walk of love with Christ.

Our Non-Negotiables 

1. A Wesleyan orientation to the Scriptures
2. A willingness to be in essential harmony with the polity of the Evangelical Church

Our Prescreening Process for Planter Assessment:

Get Acquainted/Self Assessment

A. Your Potential self-assessment tools to begin the process of discovery as a possible church planter.
*  DISC Profile
*  "Your Leadership Grip" by Paul Ford
*  Read selected church planting materials 
*  Understand general characteristics and essential qualities of church planters

B. Our Philosophy and Strategyget acquainted with our passion for church planting by reviewing our P*N*E*U*M*A Packet.

Placement Profile and Evangelical Church Orientation

A.Your Placement Profile
Release form for references, background check, etc.
Samples of communicationsermons, etc.

B. Our Prospects
Evangelical Church Brochureour history, theology, polity, etc.
Potential sites for new churches under studywhere you may plant a new church.

Discovering Your M*A*P (Ministry Assessment Profile)

Church Planting Proposal--if you were to plant a church, what would it look like?
 Interactive workshop to orient you to church planting leadership issues 
Behavioral interview with candidate and spouse

After the Behavioral Interview, the candidate couple, Conference Superintendent, and Conference Director of Church Extension will all receive a copy of the written assessment. Final decision as to the working relationship between the Conference and the couple will be decided following the assessment.

Placement and Training

Covenant Partnership--what a working agreement between planter and conference/church will look like.

Partnership agreement (place, pay, Covenant, P*N*E*U*M*A Working Agreement, etc.)
Training at CMTC Boot Camp (or similar event)
Coach/planter relationship established
Planter and family moved to church planting field