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"A Leader's Toolbox of Encouragement and Equipping
for Evangelism that Extends the Kingdom!"

As a part of his ministry to leaders, Tim writes an internet magazine to pass along resources, encouragement, information about training events and tips to help leaders.

His goal is to bring "encouragement and equipping for evangelism that extends the Kingdom."

You can download editions of his "E-Team E-zines" on this page.
Click on the title...and enjoy! 
(Editions #1-10 are in Word, the rest in Adobe Acrobat's .pdf format.)

#1 Welcome to E-Team E-zine!

#2 "Lost In America" review

#3 "What the Lost are Looking For"

#4 "Narrative Evangelism"

#5 "Momentum That Builds a Movement" part 1

#6 "Momentum That Builds a Movement" part 2

#7 "A Plan to A*C*T"

#8 "T*E*A*M Essentials"

#9 "The Ministry of Assessment" part 1

#10 "The Ministry of Assessment" part 2

#11 "What Hat Do You Wear?"

#12 "How to Spell C*O*A*C*H"

#13 "Coaching Resources"

#14 "Coaching G*R*O*W"

#15 "Evangelism Outside the Box" review

#16 "A Christmas Widow's Mite"

#17 "Keys To Great Coaching" Clinic Info

#18 "Seven Spheres of Support Every Leader Needs"

#19 "The Celtic Way of Evangelism" review

#20 "How to Become a Recovering Teller"

#21 "John Wesley's Class Meetings" review

#22 "Men God Gave Moses"

#23 "Church for the Unchurched" review

"Yes, You Can an Pass E-Team E-zines Along!" 
If you find the information in an "E-Team E-zine" helpful, feel free to pass it along to other leaders...just give credit for the materials.  Also, you can sign up to recieve Tim's "E-Team E-zines" by email by writing Tim at