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How Tim Serves Leaders and Churches


Our Mission

Tim leads CRM's "A*C*T*S" Team--Assessing, Coaching, Teambuilding Strategically.
Over the past 10 years, CRM teams Tim's served on have served 10,000 leaders in 2,000 churches in over 100 denominations... all over North America and nations all around the world!
Our mission on CRM's Church Multiplication or "Launch" team is to:
Empower leaders to strenghten and start churches worldwide by: 

Empowering a diversity of church planters for effective ministry, 

Encouraging existing churches to rapidly multiply leaders and churches, 

Equipping regional and national leaders to launch and lead church planting movements, 

Experimenting with new models of ministry.
We are available to serve in many ways:
* Consulting

* Coaching

* Resource development to give spiritual leaders tools for effective ministry

* Training events

* Assessments and ministry profiles

* Ministry systems including:

NCI--New Church Incubator, providing a healthy community for church planting teams to receive inspiration through fellowship, instruction for skill development and time to intercede for each others' ministries.

"Matrix"   Our Church Planting Institute, a two year training system for denominational leaders who want to develop strategies for church planting movements.

PCN--Parent Church Network--bringing churches who want to reproduce into a training network.
You can learn more about the many ways CRM can serve you at:


Tim loves hands-on ministry opportunities!

How Tim Can Serve You

Tim is available to serve leaders, churches and organizations in a variety of practical ways, including...
Leaders-- Tim comes alongside leaders to help the find where they will best "fit and flourish" in ministry.  His one day "Discovering Your M*A*P" workshop and behavioral interview helps leaders get better clarity on their gifts, skills and calling.  Tim has assessed over 100 people.
Churches-- Using "Natural Church Development" tools and materials he's developed, Tim walks with churches through both a survey and a process to help them become healthier and more fruitful.
Tim coaches leaders in a variety of ministry settings:
"Keys To Great Coaching" clinic--a two day inspirational and practical workshop to help leaders learn about and begin to practice coaching skills.
Church planters--Tim coaches leaders planting new churches all over the country.
Pastors--Tim coaches pastors who want to lead their churches into a new season of vision and minsitry and grow in their own ministry skills.
Denominational leaders--Tim works with organizational leaders to strategically plan for more churches to reach more people for Christ.
Assessors and Coaches--Tim has developed the materials and conducts training events for leaders who want to become assessors or coaches.
Leaders in local churches--Tim trains leaders in local churches in evangelism, prayer strategies, strategic planning, styles of leadership and other ways that can increase both health and harvest capacity!
Tim is available to preach and teach in many ways:
* Revival meetings and teaching series
* Missions conferences
* Pulpit supply
* Special seminars
* Camp meetings
If you feel Tim can serve you, your church or organization,
 feel free to contact him at

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