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Ministry Updates and Prayer Prompters

March 2001

SPECIAL UPDATE....Shirley going to Japan with Tim in May!

Shirley has been invited by the leaders in Japan to join Tim in ministry for their trip to Japan in May. The only cost will be the price of her plane ticket ($1,000). If you like to assist us, you can send a ministry gift to our home or her office. Checks may be make out to: ECM and sent to:
ECM Office: 9421 W. River Rd N MPLS, MN 55444

This has been the most travel-intensive month yet in our ministry, as Tim was gone more than he was home. Your prayers for Tim as he travels and Shirley and the girls as they minister on the home front are more important than you knowthanks for praying!


Tim spent several days with leaders from our Western Conference in Billings, Montana. He enjoyed the gracious hospitality of Superintendent Dale and Vonda Erberle, who made him feel right at home. During those days Tim:
Spent a day consulting with leaders from our church in Great Falls, Montana, which is in the process of restarting.
Attended two of our churches in Billings on Sunday. He especially enjoyed praying with the prayer team from our new Harvest Church in Billings.
Led a workshop on issues concerning assessing potential church planters and pastors for leaders from the Western Conference.
Assessed one couple and did a first impression visit with another.
Spent a day with the Church Extension Board of the Western Conference as they walked through their fall Board meeting.
Visited with several other leaders in the Conference.
Enjoyed a birthday surprise at a mealthanks to Shirley who spilled the beans to Robin at the Western Conference office.


Tim spent five days speaking at a missions conference at Wiley Church in Marlton, NJ. He spoke six times and was a resource person for the other missionaries at the Conference. His Key Words for Kingdom Ministers series was well received. He enjoyed spending significant time with several friends in that area as well. He also got to see some historic sites around Philadelphia. A big thanks to Cecil and Carole Gilmore who hosted him during those days.


Tim began a new ministry of coaching a coach from Texas this month as part of his ministry with the Advanced Coaching Team of Inquest Ministries.


Plastow Publications picked up five more of Tims drama sketches for publication, bringing the total number in print to over 80.


Tim spent significant time with two men planting churches. John Schaeffel and his family continue to do good work in Sartell, MN. Wes Fahlenkamp and his family (ChristLifes first church planters!) continue to develop a ministry in their hometown of Montezuma, IA.


Our ChristLife men did a tremendous job leading our Conference Mens Retreat in Rochester, MN March 23-25. Tim got to participate in part of the Retreat.


Tim preached a series of messages for Special Meetings at Bethel Missionary Church near Goshen, IN March 25th-30th. Seeing long time friends in the area including Jim and Sue Smith who pastor that church was an extra treat.


Dont forget our two new web sites! Visit: for info and updates about our ministry and family for info about our denominational church planting vision, values, strategies and articles.

E-Team E-zine

Tim continues his new ministry, a regular online newsletter called E-Team E-zineEncouragement and Equipping for Evangelism and Extending the Kingdom. Three issues have been published and hes getting good feedback.


We are grateful for new support this past month, including long time friends from Tims hometown of Sleepy Eye, MN, other friends and our Western Conference. Were over 75% of the way to being fully funded!

February 2001

Ten Days In Dallas

Tim spent 10 days in Dallas for three ministry events. He greatly appreciated staying with Shirleys cousin (Tims cousin-in-law J) Billy and Wendy Stephen and their family. Their home was an oasis during busy ministry!

Boot Camp

Tim coached at a CMTC Boot Camp for four days, including a team from our Duluth churchand four other planting teams from four denominations and four different states! Coaching at a Boot Camp is always a pleasure.

Advanced Coaching Clinic

Tim is part of a team that trains church planting coaches. We hosted an Advanced Coaching Clinic for two days. Our vision is to train and certify a network of great coaches all over the country.

Ministry Training

Tim received 3 days of training from Personality Insights, Inc while in Dallas, learning how to use the DISC Profile to more effectively assess, coach and train leaders. It was a stretching time, and opens up more doors of ministry both to churches and businesses!

Ministry at ChristLife

We spoke as missionaries at ChristLife on February 25th, presenting our nation as a mission field and our ministry as missionaries. We are very grateful for the prayer and financial support of our home church!

Pastors/Wives Conference

Shirley and Tim enjoyed three days of fellowship and learning with fellow pastors and wives from our Conference. It was good to spend time with our home team again!

CRM Upgrade Writing Day

Our CRM Church Multiplication Team spent a day developing new ministry resources in Los Angeles. We are working on resources that will help new and young churches reach their full potential and reproduce. We believe it will fill a needed niche for resources in Kingdom ministries.

Web Sites

Don't forget our two new web sites! Tim's been developing them over the past three monthswere excited about this new way to serve others! Visit: for info and updates about our ministry and family for info about our denominational church planting vision, values, strategies and articles.

"E-Team E-zine"

Tim began a new ministry this month online. He is beginning a regular online newsletter hes calling E-Team
E-zineEncouragement and Equipping for Evangelism and Extending the Kingdom. He hopes it will be a connection point and resource site for leaders across our denomination and nation.

NCC Church Extension

Tim continues his ministry of leading our church planting efforts in our Conference. An extra highlight this month he developed materials for our yearly Church Extension offering used by churches across our Conference.

Support Update

Our financial support level reached about 70% as of this writing. We welcomed several new families and a church to our team recently. We thank God for those who partner with us in this great ministry vision! We welcome you to join us!

Book Proposals

Tim sent our proposals for his book The Day That Changed Forever to several publishers this month. Pray for God to choose the right publisher!

Aubrey Checks Out Crown

Aubrey spent an overnight and day checking out Crown College, staying with our friend Angela Hansen. Shes only a year and a half from college! Please pray for Gods guidance as she seeks His good plan for her life.

November-December Ministry Update

Atlanta/Southeastern Conference

Tim was able to invest five days with Keith Dickerson, Superintendent of our Southeastern Conference and his family. Keith and I worked on strategic thinking and ministry planning for his Conference and his local church in a variety of ways as they seek to reach more people and start more churches!

Denominational Board meetings

Both Shirley and Tim spent four days as part of our Denominational Board meetings at The Cove (Billy Graham' training & conference center in North Carolina). Shirley helped with the Board of Missions meeting and Tim is a member of our Denominational Council. At that meeting our Denominational Council gave Tim the title "Dominational Church Planting Consultant." The title comes with no funding or job description, but does show their support for Tim's growing ministry across our denomination.

Youth Rally

We went as a family with several youth from our church to our weekend Youth Rally ministry Iowa. Tim and Shirley served as drivers, and Shirley had the "joy" of being a girl's counselor! Tim got to spend some significant time with some of the teens, and especially with one of our conference pastors about his local church ministry.

Surprised By Grace/Christmas Hearts/Crossings Book Club

Sales of both Christmas Hearts and Surprised By Grace continue to go well across the country. Tim was pleasantly surprised to receive a catalog from Crossings Book Club (a Christian book club with thousands of members) and find it was their featured book for the season!

Family Time

We enjoyed going to Iowa to spend time with Shirley's side of the family for Thanksgiving, the first time all our families had been together like that for over 3 years. Shirley's mom is gaining strength and doing much better. Thank you for your prayers on her behalf.

Support Team

We are now at about 60% of our support goal. Thank you for your prayers and involvement for us to be fully funded as missionaries is greatly appreciated! We still need about $2,200 a month in support to be fully funding and meet our needs.

Missions Building

A major part of Shirley's ministry in recent weeks has been the purchase of a new office building for the Missions department of our denomination. She has spend MANY hours meeting with real estate agents, bank officers and others. Purchase of the building was finally formally purchased just before Thanksgiving. Her next step is to help with the move of the offices to the new building. It will require more time and prayer!

CRM Team Meeting

Tim met with his CRM Church Multiplication Team at CRM's headquarters in Los Angeles for 3 days at the end of November. It is a joy to be a part of such a gifted team of leaders with such a clear sense of vision on the cutting edge of Kingdom work. Tim looks forward to helping develop new ministry tools for leaders in the year ahead. He will be giving more time to writing and developing ministry tools for spiritual pioneers in the year ahead.


Tim began formally coaching another church planter this past month with a couple planting a church in the beach area of North Carolina. This young church is just beginning and has exciting things ahead. Tim got to know Ted and Jamie Clark through assessing them and then coaching them this past year.

CMTC Boot Camp

Tim coached at a CMTC Boot Camp in San Diego December 3-8, working with leaders from our own conference and denomination as well as others from different groups and areas of the country. This is a ministry Tim especially enjoys. An EXTRA joy on this trip was Aubrey meeting Tim and getting to spend a couple of days seeing some sights and enjoying time together as Aubrey celebrated her 17th birthday on December 5th!


Tim has 3 assessments of ministry couples scheduled in the near future. Please pray for wisdom as he helps couples discern their bestfit for them in ministry. Tim has done many assessments this past year.

Tim preached at New Community Church in Atlanta in November and is speaking at SonLight Church on December 10th and ChristLife on December 17th. It will be nice to worship at home again!

Thank You Again for prayers and support mean more than we can say! From our family to yours...Merry CHRISTmas and a God-blessed New Year!

January Ministry Update

Welcome to 2001!

Gods got wonder-full things ahead for 2001! Heres some updates of recent ministry and an overview of the year ahead.

Promise for 2001

Gods given us an exciting year verse promise for this year. Taken from The Message, listen to these words from Romans 8:14:

"Gods Spirit beckons. There are things to do and places to go! This resurrection life you received from God is not a timid, grave-tending life. Its adventurously expectant, greeting God with a childlike, Whats next, Papa?"

Last year was the year of transition. We believe God is inviting us to a year of expansion in many ways! Would you pray with us that God will keep us sensitive to His invitations, strong in our believing prayer, surrounded by His protection, stretching in our faith, and seeing God bear much fruit through our lives and ministry.

Family Ministry Web Site

We now have a ministry/family web site! With the help of Shirleys sisters, we have a web site to tell you about more about our family and ministry. Our address is:

Denominational Church Planting Web Site

Tim has developed a web site about church planting ministries across our denomination! It includes news about our new churches as well as information for potential church planters about Evangelical Church Planting ministry.
Visit the site at

Church Multiplication Forum

Tim attended the Church Multiplication Forum, an event for church planting leaders from across our country. Tim assisted several of his CRM team mates in their presentations and represented our denomination there.

Speaking ministries

Tim had the privilege of speaking and ministering at ChristLife three time over the past month, and was the pastor on call while Senior Pastor Russ Cowenhoven and family were on vacation.

Shirleys New Office

Evangelical Church Missions recently moved from their old offices to their new office building. Our family spent a loooong day helping with the move, but Shirley and her staff are excited about their new ministry facilities!

Guests From Brazil

We had the privilege of meeting Degenel, Simone, their daughter Natalia, and Christiana from Santos, Brazil. Degenel and Simone operate Youngs English School which teaches students English and also reaches out to bring Christ to them. A church has also been birthed out of that ministry. Degenel invited Tim to come sometime in the futuresomething to pray about!

Support Update

We have recently seen several more people and a church join our ministry support team! We are now over 70% of the way to our goal of being fully funded missionaries!

If you are interested in joining our support team, let us know. Wed be glad to tell you more!

Trips to Sartell, Independence

Tim made ministry trips to Sartell and Independence this month as part of his ministry as the Church Extension Director for our North Central Conference. In Sartell, he met with an area pastor, a church planter in the area, and spent time with John Schaeffel, our church planter in Sartell. Continue praying for the Schaeffels as they gather people in their new plant.

Tim accompanied our Superintendent Jack Trosen to Independence, Iowa for a day of planning and prayer with Nathan and Diane Bargo, our pastoral family there as we prepare for a restart ministry. Tim coached Nathan at a Church Planting Boot Camp recently.


Tim continues his coaching ministry with a number of church planters and leaders in several states. PRAY for him to have wisdom as he coaches.