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Tim's books have been a blessing to tens of thousands of people across the country!  "Christmas Hearts" was a feature book for Crossings Book Club.

Tim has also authored several books to assist leaders in ministry:
"Planting Churches Until the Master Arrives"
This is a practical, hands-on manual for people who want to plant churches. Tim has used it to train church planting leaders in Belarus and Japan.  It has been translated in to Russian and Japanese.
"Keys to Great Coaching"
Want to become a great coach?  This manual, when coupled with the two day workshop, will give you the truths, tips and tools!  Tim co-authored it with his CRM ministry team mate Steve Ogne.
"Discovering Your M*A*P"
This manual assists leaders find where they will best "fit and flourish" in ministry.  Designed to be used in an interactive workshop setting followed by a "paint your picture" behavioral interview, Tim has used this manual to assess over 100 leaders.  He co-authored it with Jim Griffith.
"Developing Your M*A*P"
This manual is a great hands-on training tool for leaders who want to become assessors.  It is designed to be used in the context of a one day interactive workshop.  He co-authored it with Jim Griffith.

These Books were published by Promise Press

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Surprised by Grace:
Twelve Stories of Lives Changed 

This fascinating collection tells the stories of twelve men and women of the Bible whose lives were dramatically changed by grace. Readers will be reminded of God's great power and mercy in their own lives as they read about Zacchaeus, Bartimaeus, the blind man, the woman at the well, Lazarus, a healed leper, the demoniac among the tombs, and others. See Jesus through the eyes of those He changed and know that He still changes hearts and lives today!
"Tim Roehl has done it again!  These stories are dramatically gripping and heartwarming with the redeeming and healing love of  Jesus..."      
(Peter Marshall, Jr.)
"Surprised By Grace" is now out of print, but a very limited number are available from him for more information.

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Christmas Hearts:
Twelve Stories of the First Christmas

"Christmas may seem to us like a story from a faraway land with exotic wisemen and kings who have little to do with our everyday lives. But author Tim Roehl pictures for us the people of Christmas as real people, in real places, with the same real fears and longings you and I have. Christmas Hearts helps us to see the heart of Christmas--a God who came in the flesh and moved into the neighborhood. I warmly recommend it."
(Leighton Ford)

Mary...Anna...Herod...the innkeeper...Joseph...Elizabeth.
They were among the first to glimpse Jesus, the One who was Immanuel, the One who became God-with-us. Now readers can glimpse Him, too, in these creatively told Christmastide stories. Each chapter tells the unforgettable nativity story as seen through the eyes of one first-century witness. Those who saw Him first were utterly transformed by their encounters with their Messiah.
You will be, too.
Many people, both Christian and non-Christian, struggle with seeing the real Jesus as portrayed in the timeless pages of Scripture. They yearn to know Him, but often fail to see how He can be real and relevant in their daily lives. These twelve stories, complete with beautiful full-color illustrations (available only in hardcover edition), are told through the eyes of those who experienced Christmas firsthand. Readers will be drawn into the lives of Joseph, Elizabeth, Zechariah, the shepherds, the innkeeper, and other characters from the nativity story, and they'll see themselves in the questions, struggles, and discoveries of these biblical men and women who wrestled with issues just as real as those facing us today. They will come to understand how Jesus can make an eternal difference in their own lives?? their love and awe for Him will grow as they see Him touch the lives of those who witnessed His birth.
"Christmas Hearts" is now out of print, but signed hardcover copies are available from him for more information.

How to Order

Send personal check or money order payable to:
Tim Roehl
8582 Polk St NE
Blaine, MN 55434-2310

or visit the following:

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