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Roehl Reports 2002
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Ministry Updates, Prayer Prompters and Family News

We are thankful for the ongoing prayers, financial support and encouragement from our friends, family and fellow team mates.  Our "Roehl Reports" allow us to keep folks updated on our ministry and family as well as let you know how to pray for upcoming ventures with the Lord.  Here are "Roehl Reports" from 2002.  You can download them and read them with an Adobe PDF reader.

Roehl Report January-February 2002

Roehl Report March 2002

Roehl Report April 2002

Roehl Report May-June 2002

Roehl Report July-August 2002

Roehl Report September 2002

Roehl Report October 2002

Roehl Report November-December 2002

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